Friday, May 7, 2010


So,i know this is a motorcycle blog and all but,I need to unload and being a man the only way I know how, is to get drunk.....i.m gonna try something diffrent.
I had to put one of my best friends to sleep this afternoon.I have and overwhelming sence of guilt,loss and regret for not spending more time with her.Just as bad,I can't even ride today because of the weather.....I hope this doen't set the tone for the summer.
The only comfort I have is knowing she isn't's just a dog right?
This dog didn't,lie,cheat breakdown on the side of the road and all she wanted in return was to lay in the sun,a hamburger from time to time and to go on walks..... guess i regret not doing more of those things...and would always be happy to see me after a bad day and in the end,when she felt sick,she still pulled together enough energy to wag her tail and say hello when I came home from work or being out.......
I swear to god,there is nothing like losing a don't have to pay for college,you don't have to pay for their weddings,the don't cry,shit a diaper and all the want is to hang out with you.........
I'm ready to ride to Dice next's the only other way to clear my head.......Ro


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss Brother! Dogs are a member of the family in my opinion. It sucks, trust me I know.

  2. That does suck man. And it is a really hard thing to have to do (even for some of us 'badass bikers'). Sending tons of Good Vibes your way~~~~~~~~~~

  3. Sorry for your loss, we lost are chiwawa last month. She was hit by a car.