Thursday, May 20, 2010

5 weeks....till VT 10'...debbie downer

So,ain't been a good month.Dogs dying,money being spent faster then i can earn it and a summer thats shaping up to be nothing like last years.

Chris had said,last summer was a fluke,the drunkeness,the riding ,the trips and the stars coming together so everyone could be around for everything.Guys got more to loose this,old ladies,bills etc.....

Well,already missed the Dice party,ain't gonna make it to any of the BIG events within the next month.I hope that this isn't the way shits going down already.$650 bucks to rebuild my trans but,that fucker will be tip top.

I refuse to not ride this summer like last...i'm going with or without my boys..........


  1. dude throw a wife and kids in that mix and see how many runs you will get.

  2. Is that a gardening pad your kneeling on?? Gay!

  3. is still early stop being a baby geesh