Friday, April 16, 2010

T-Shirts for this years run.

Yes, we are gonna run some T-shirts again this year. It would be a shame not to. Jay (Lunchbox) is doing the honors of being head of the Violation Tour design team which is awesome since we should be able to keep the cost down low....D.I.Y baby. Punk Rock style! Last years shirts where $20 just because of the design cost and trying to get them printed ASAP.

I am shooting for $10 per shirt at the run....or $15 shipped for all you guys who cant make the run but want to support grass roots chopper events like this one.....but, dont hold me to those prices till I get a quote from the screenprinter.

I would suggest that everyone pre-order a shirt since they will be limited run and once they are gone, they are gone. You can pre-order and I will bring em to town with me if you wish. I beleave Jay (Lunchbox) will also be working on stickers and I know Josh was talking about making some of his own design which should be interesting as well. So, stay tuned and we will update you soon when the design is ready to go!

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