Friday, April 16, 2010


It's official....i'm over shit.......I love Chicago but,i'm starting to think it ain't for this grumpy old Seabass...Hipsters,traffic,tight jeans and hot girls who like sissy boys........maybe i'll head west,I heard womens standards are lower in small towns.....I think i'm over this front end too but,by morning i'll like it again.....

Seems lots of fuckheads are on the roads this year,either it's because it's still early in the season and people aren't used to bikes or people are just fuckheads everyday.Some cocksucker passed me in my own lane twice the other day.I was turning right,used my hand to signal and this guy gets next to me on my left,between me and the curb, as i'm about to make the turn and then he passes me after a two lane stop light turned bake into one lane.I couln't fucking believe it.Had this guy not had ''retired marine'' stickers on his car,I probably woulda been more of a dick but,I didn't need my ass kicked by an old timer with old man strength.

This is my boss on my bike,it's pretty funny because he talks like Diamond Joe Quimby.His favorite band is Bon Jovi.........but,all around a nice guy if you gotta work for someone.....

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  1. Looks killer. Josh do you work at A+S? Hit me up at or Luke Nosewalker on the jockey journal Tell Pat and Paul Lucas says whatsup