Friday, April 30, 2010

Just an idea

I know in my case money is a bit tight right now, and I'm sure it is with everybody else for that matter. I noticed on the C.O.C. blog he mentioned "free" camping is just 20 feet away or some shit like that. So how's about it?
Also, if we really wanted to we could camp at Poopy's on friday and journey the rest of the way on saturday morning after a hot shower and some breakfast at the Poop's. Again, just ideas I get in my head at night when I'm cleaning buses for a living.


  1. I like this idea,I need to sleep next to my bike,should we not be able to pull them into a room.....

  2. Chris and I have been talking about taking the day off and leaving on Friday. This sounds cool to me. On da cheep.

  3. My old bones are gonna need a room. You guys can camp. But dont be thinking your gonna nap on my cum stained hotel bed