Monday, April 5, 2010

My First bike...1967 Tr6

I bought it on ebay for $4500. After I sold it I saw it on ebay again and I think it went for $8000. That was during the chopper madness that was goin on with WWC and all the TV stuff. Never went to far on her, she was always breaking down and I was always driving up to Richmond, IL to go to Morries for parts. I got arrested on her on RT 64. I was in handcuffs as my parents just so happened to be driving to a movie when they saw me on the side of the road standing next to the squad car. The pigs wanted to leave my bike on the side of the road...(it would have been gone by the time I was to return) Guess I got lucky with the Parents driving past. Plus, my Mom picked me up from the Carol Stream police station. Sweet!!

I wish I knew where the bike is now. This was really the wrong bike for me to start on. It wasnt reliable and I was too interested in riding to wanna wrench. Of course, things are alot different 8 years later. What the fuck is a sludge trap?!? haha. It was a stock Triumph frame with a 6" over hardtail that was bolted on, Harley rear laced to a Triumph hub, Suzuki Savage front end. Boyer igniton, and the old Amal carbs and a mustang tank.

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