Sunday, April 18, 2010

ClUtCh ChAtTeR

The Leg and I were riding the other day and I heard what sounded like some clutch chatter, even Bobby could hear it riding next to me. Figgard it just needed to be pulled apart and adjusted. Then Natas and I were ripping down 64 twards Uncle Paulies and I thought I felt the trans slipping on me. Weird. This was last week. Been hauling parts around for work in the van and been busy - so haven't seen much ride time since then.
Anyhoo, A slight work injury (rotator cuff and neck sprain) kept me off The Boot Scraper this weekend and so I figgard I'd check into that chatter/slip. Clutch is fine. Tranny ok. Tranny plate...not so much. Front mount:

Top - something looks odd...

Bottom - holy crap...

Happened to find a deal on a new one, on the JJ. It's on the way. The new ones chrome, so it should be stronger.

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  1. Got my new plate. Gonna try and mabey beef up the mounts. Gotta get crackin', Torque Fest is commin' up soon!