Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skot and Scott,Skooter and Mailbox

What is it about guys named Scott that choose to buy Jap bikes instead of American iron. Skooter,just picked up this 71' xs 650...ain't seen it yet but,it looks clean.I told Skooter that he needs to get a bigger fender for those weekend trips and to carry Mailbox's extra pig meat.Those bars gotta go too and get a fucking seat, would ya!!!!

I've tried to implant the seed in Skooters head that he better say bye to his ol'lady now because,we gots big plans for next summer.I ain't seen Skooter since the beginning of baseball season because of the whole motrorcycle riding thing,I think he finally understands how summer should be spent and felt the pressure to get a bike.

Two things are certain, a lot more stories are coming our way because Skooter likes to get drunk and mouthy then shoot stuff...and #2,Bobby will be making money off another Jap bike....and bobby loves working on jap bikes

Here is a picture of me and Skooter in the,''House of Whores'' ooooo scary,itchy and drippy....boo

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