Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not to sure..

I have this vision in my head of my build,money will be hard to come buy so the only thing for this build, for this year that will be new, will be a new tank and new frame.I'm probably going to keep my wide glide front end and try to collect cheap nice parts along the way.I'll try to have money for the swap next month but,you know how that goes.....

I have to say that the vision I have of my bike is not to far from this bike and i'm not too sure it's what I want....I want David mann inspired bike,one that might have been in one of his paintings.A bike that looks like it was made to go the long haul.my last bike was tiny and I made the most of it,it wasn't a,''bar hopper'' it was the only bike I had,so that bitch was rode the way it should have been rode. took the photos from another blogger.

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