Monday, November 16, 2009

Go ahead and make fun.....

I have been thinking for awhile of getting something that would get me back in forth to work in a timely fashion. I needed something that also got decent gas mileage and was reliable. Originally thinking about a Dyna but funds are never enough. I came across this 05 xb9 on ebay with 9000 miles and scored it for under $3000. The bike was located in Canton Ohio so I decided to leave Friday after work. It was a boring 6-7 hours but I made it to the Hotel around 2:30am Ohio time. The dude that actually owned this bike was a cop and looked like something outa Reno 911 with mustache and all. Nice guy though. He gave me a bunch of touring luggage, a manual, extra air filters, and a extra seat. Got the bike all loaded and said my good-byes. I got maybe 5 minutes down the road when I started to hear some noise from the bed. As I looked in the rear view the bike took a leaner onto its side. I pulled over to discover the metal loop on the floor of the bed which I was tied down to decided to take a shit. Thankfully the bike was fine. Stopped at the Home Depot and bought some extra straps and I was on my way. It was a good day, almost 70 degrees and I wished I would have been home earlier to test my new bitch......Got home around 3:30, took the plate off the chopper, and went for the maiden voyage. Definitely different but in a good way.

Sunday was a little cold but decided that I couldn't resist. Its like having a new vagina that you constantly wanna fuck. I filled her up with some road jizz and cruised around for a couple hours while running some errands. The previous owner installed a D&D exhaust with a K&N and a new remapped ECM. Its got a nice growl to it and definitely enough power for me to fight the morning and afternoon rush hour.The more I road it, the more I liked. Comfy enough and quick like a white castle shit. Stopped for a slice of pizza in Elgin before heading back to my bungalow. So, heres some pics


  1. Dude, nice score. Your going to love that bike. I had a 2000 Cyclone and it was the shit. only bike I regret parting with.

  2. Its an awesome bike. Put about 250 miles on it yesterday. I think everyone should own at least one buell during their lifetime.