Monday, November 9, 2009


Lost the beard,my hair was cut already but,I just couldn't shave..I been trying to go for the gold and grow like a Zakk Wylde type thing....Something about all the hard work was just too much to lose.All this pressure from working with hot single girls made me start thinking crazy,only once have I shaved to get laid and i'm pretty sure she woulda made the sex with me anyway.The only women that have looked my way since I have had the beard are old trashy towny biker chicks and girls in their middle to late 30's,i'm 30 I should still be banging out girls in their 20's.. I had to shape it though,cause it was out of control.

I consulted with the trashiest guy I know,Hartman,and he say's,''Dude,your going to look like a homo at the Redfang show,wait for V.T 10'.''Thats all I needed to hear,I ain't no homo at no Redfang show and VT 10' needs to be done with a stinky fucking beard....Again, with the wisdom of Hartman in mind with sayings like,"I like beer,motorycles and unprotected sex.''I'd be a clean shaving man without the help of the dirtiest son of bitch I know and then I'd look like every sissy with tight jeans....thanks buddy


  1. Right on. I just cut mine and went back to the Gaotee because the moustache was driving me bananas. I didn't want to look like 'ol Abe Lincoln. Oh well.