Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sturgis,The Chica Chaser and He who lusts after loose latinas

A year later after the first VT life is different ,that I think it's time to reconnect with the way I felt last summer.

I got plans to head up and out and when I say plans,I mean none at all.I change my mind like I change my drawls so,2000 mile trip by myself? it may and may not happen..........time will tell.I got a week to make it happen.Alone with my thoughts may be too much to handle and my conversations with god as of late have been like that of a one sided argument with an alcoholic spouse......This summer has been fucking shit,Chris and I rode for only the second time this year and two weeks in a row....the odds are slim but it happened.

I heard there is so much land up there,you can just pick a spot and set up camp.......the roads i hear are like none other.I need some questions answered and perhaps the grass won't be greener up there but,maybe they will.

There is nothing wrong with a women changing you.On the up side you get double the income,a house,a bigger bed and sex with the same person forever.........The downside is soon your bike will become completely neglected and will be sold to purchase a grocery getting mini's all good Bob bob White,you sacrificed the most last summer and it's all for the better.....FUCK,who doesn't like baby goats?

Sometimes you find yourself in a softly lit corner,the frosted window left over from Fistmas, reflects a flickering red bulb,the kind from the shady part of town you spent $2.50 on that czech hooker and you stand back and ask,''is this all I ever wanted? Has anybody else noticed that I'm spending more and more time portraying Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet...''It's Daddy, you shithead! Where's my bourbon? Can't you fucking remember anything?''

And....? are you surprised? Is that last 30 seconds of lust filled regret climactic enough for you to throw it all away,to throw it in the face of Fred the pharmaceutical tech at Seavers drug store when he asks you,''Did you see my wife last night.''.....''No,I haven't seen your wife Fred but,I did come across your promiscuous daughter...'' She said she was 21 but,after feeling how she had complete control of the lower part of the very tip of her tongue,i'd say she was at least 36.
When Fred stops to think what just came out of my mouth he replys,''You dirty motherfucker.'' Because at this point, he's figured out that the Tetracycline prescription he just filled will dry up the Chlamydia that his daughter brought home last week.
Wait! how does Fred know? Well,that's simple,Fred himself is a dirty motherfucker.

If the questions you ask yourself when you are alone are as complex as figuring out Risk the game,then you'll get by just fine.It's only a game,like the games you play with your own brain when you come across a women that you know is no good but,GODDAMN! you want it so bad you can taste it and it's putting that same taste in your mouth that copper penny does.

NO! i've already lost one toenail from from this type sort of riding accident and my god I won't let it happen again.Like every John Wayne movie,ill punch out some Indian that steps on my farm or touches my fucking hat.I've worked too hard for these crops.If one head of cattle is lost,I won't make it to the the Traveling Wilburys show.

Roy Orbison colored his hair just black enough, that it made his glasses give a blueish tint to the pearl inlay on his reversed headstock.But,it couldn't be reversed,Roy Orbison played a Flying V........Right?

950 miles to sturgis,950 miles home........I wouldn't wish all that time on my worst enemy with a mind that thinks about shit like this...........I love you Chica Chaser........


  1. Hey "Crazy", Dont bitch about summer when you could have came out last night and gotten stupid drunk with me and Bobby on the porch till 2am. Everything changes dude, Girls are not to blame. Fuck Sturgis, get a car, that way you can start riding more.

  2. I vote Sturgis, tho I fear I may be too late.