Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's been slow around here...

So, a couple things.

1.) My 15 minutes is up (and since no one has mentioned it here) - now it Joshs' turn, check out the new 100th edition of The Horse for a sweet article on the ''The Haymarket Haymaker" aka "The Chica Chaser"

2.) This is a sign I saw at a building I am working in:

I can think of at least 4 levels, more if you count variations.

3.) Mike form the Block had a sticker on a bike that I liked (obscure maynard reference):

4.) Mike and Bobby the Leg had a combined 4th party that kicked all forms of ass. Vintage cars and bikes lined the entire property, great friends, fantastic food, music and even a slushy machine with adult drinks in it!

5.) A new song is stuck in my head:

6.) My new favourite quote...from Chris when Bobby and I had a lengthy conversation with the waitresses at Hooters about the better iced tea - pomegranate or blackberry:

"Listen, why don't you get these 2 ladies an umbrella for their drinks and hurry up about it because they need to be home in time for the Golden Girls."

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