Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crazy Overtime

Been workin' crazy hours at work lately. Shit like this on my Ipod has been keepin' me goin:

This video is worth it, just for the flamethrower girls at the end! Been on a live album kick, like Volkerball from Rammstein - Killadelphia from Lamb of God - Live at the 9:30 from Clutch - Some live Tool imports - etc. Put both earbuds in - turn it up to 11 and it's like yer at the show, but making money at the same time. I wanna ride.


  1. When you're in the sandbox of Afghanistan working 44 to 50 hours of overtime a week it's the only thing that gets me thru. I just downloaded all the clutch albums and don't laugh but both Deth Albums from Dethklok.

    I got into Rammstein when I was in Bosnia back in the late 90's, I hooked a stereo up to my Hummve with 4 6x9 speakers and blasted that shit all over the country when I was on Escort detail for the Defense Logistics Agency, basically body guards for the two navy guys.

  2. Dethklock rules. Yer setup sound like the shit. Thank You for everthing you guys and gals are doing and have done over there for us. Glad you had something to get you thru amigo. Metal \m/