Thursday, June 17, 2010

The plan....

On June 25th (Friday) I will be heading out from the Chicagoland area noon at the latest. Should be in Savanna by 3. If you dont see us behind Poopys head into town and I am sure you could spot us. Friday night will just be us dudes hangin out with our wang out, shooting the shit, gettin to know the new guys, buying new knifes, looking at Tits etc etc. Saturday morning (8am-9am) we will be doing a run into WI which will include part of the ride from last year. We will stop for gas about every 60 miles but bring a gas can if you need. The ride will continue west into Anamosa Iowa for a stop at the Vintage Motorcycle museum and then ending up a little east at this "Biker Bar" at some old bridge. Plan on doing at least 150-200 miles on Saturday....maybe more or less. Camping again at Poopys Sat night. Hey! Its fuckin free, so no complaining. I will have some shirts with me for the people who decided to take a chance on me having your size. Other than that, this will be my last post till after VT is complete. Hope everyone has a safe ride out to Savanna!!!

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