Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was cruzing Chop Cult a couple weeks ago when I saw an ad from a graphic designer that caught my eye. He sed he wanted to do some designs/logos, pro bono, for some cool people. Something to break him away from the normal grind. I emailed him and he graciously accepted and created these 2 badass logos:

His name is Phil, Psychophilly666 on Chop Cult, he is a local guy and is great at what he does. And he sed he was going to make the VT10 on his Triumph (so now I can thank him in person). If'n you are in the need of some work along these lines (stickers, T's, posters, etc) - hit him up!! Thanks again Phil!!

And I know this logo is from last year, I just changed it up a bit:

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