Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pics from the last camping trip

Its never a dull moment when you put 5 retards on motorcycles and head away from the boundaries of home. Corey has horrible luck with motorcycles and was riding his brothers Dyna maybe 40 miles outside of Chicago when one of the pushrods decided it was done pushing. He called for a truck and despite all odds ended up meeting us in town and partied down hard. Their where other fatalities as well. One guy who shall remain nameless decided to part ways with the road and do some offroading down the embankment into the cornfields, he was ok and we had a good laugh about it at the bar. My sissybar and taillight/license plate combo got removed (thanks Corey! haha) So, I ended up riding around like a drunken banshee without plate or rear light which led to Dave and I getting pulled over in Iowa around Midnight. We were both outa our minds and probably shouldnt have been on the road. Calm nerves and a little bit of luck and Barney Fife sent us on our way back to our campsite. I awoke the next day to one of those moments like "what the fuck did I do last night"? Everyone is still alive though, bikes are still broken, but VT is right around the corner. The bartenders, barflys, and rebel hillbillies are all expecting us to make our triumphant return as this may be the last year that Savanna sees the Violation Tour. Sometimes you gotta know when to hang it up and move on to another destination and I think next year will prove that. Hope to see some fresh faces, and cool chops at the run! VT FOR LIFE BITCH!

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  1. What a riot. Never a dull moment.