Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Run.....

This years Violation Tour run will consist of a slab of road that we cruised on last year. For you new guys you will have to search the blog when it first began to see the pics. We will leave Savanna IL early Saturday morning and head north on the backroads of Illinois to New Diggins WI. We will not be stopping in New Diggins for any other reason except for gas. From our gas stop we will head southwest to Anamosa Iowa to the Motorcycle Museum. I have been there once and it was really fuckin cool and I think everyone will enjoy it. We will be leaving Anamosa heading south to a bar thats right by the sutliffe bridge in Lisbon Iowa to get some lunch. After a late lunch we will ride directly East and North along the mighty Mississippi River back to Savanna where it will be a free for all. Approximate mileage should be around 200-250 miles. I will plan the gas stops for dudes like me who have small tanks. Should be a good solid run. I will be heading out to the Savannah area in May to scout out the roads and do a dry run. Cant wait. Also, I know some of you guys have the old directions from last year.... if you have the time to email me those that would be a big help. Thanks!

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