Saturday, February 6, 2010


I sometimes have a tendency to remember people by the bike they ride or car they drive, "Jimmy who? Oh, the green panhead - yeah wudda bout him". I knew Chris' bike a couple years before I even knew him. His was the first SPS bike I had ever seen in person, I loved it. I've been a fan of SPS for a long time and was a fan of his scoot right away. I took this shot at the HCPU in '05, my first encounter with his scoot (notice how shiny cleen it iz):

Now, I'm also a fan of Chris too. He bought me a burrito last night. ;)~ This shot was of me n Andy freezin' our asses off heading to this years HCPU:

The pic of that cold ass ride brings back some memories. One of the coldest rides home ever for me. Keeps me pining for that warm summer South Dakota air. I took these pics riding thru the Black Hills:



  1. A couple months to go for that nice breeze again. I can't believe how nice chris's bike looked back then. Now it looks like a stripper who has been dancing for 20 yrs and smoked 3 packs of pall malls a day. But it now shows chris has rode the fuck out of her and doesnt plan to stop...... unless oh.... BUEL?

  2. Damn!!! My bike looks like it has been through a war since 2005. One day it will be restored back to the prestine shape as it once was. The 2005 HCU had some good memories for me. I camped outside the gates after the show and got this 20 year old stripper from Paulies that I brought with me drunk on wine and jaeger. I got laid and got about 2 hours of sleep. We packed the tent and road home the next morning while it started to snow. It was one of the best weekends I have had on my bike. True Story