Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And it begins.....

Got some motivation recently to start working on the bike. Its cold as fuck here but I know spring is right around the corner which means work will pick up and time will fly. I picked up a cheap lift at Harbor tool, got a lil heater from Bobby, and a shitty radio. What else do ya need? Went over to Bobbys to make some brackets for the new license plate/tail light. Bobby welded all the pieces up. In IL they have been cracking down on stupid shit like vertical side mounts so I figured I would play it safe since I like to have a couple beers every now and mount the license plate bracket right on the sissy bar. After looking at the tranny mount/frame area I might be ok and might be able to avoid tearing into things. I have some front end issues and I need to have Bobby make me a new spacer for the back wheel. Other than that, look for a new paint scheme soon and hopefully it warms up here soon. Fuck this winter shit already. Looking forward to seeing Bob Bob whites bike this summer...looks like he has some ideas as well.

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