Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First off, thanks for the invite to contribute. I know alot of you guys, but I'd like to meet everyone this summer - hopefully even before the Tour. I just started a blog not too long ago because there ain't shit to do with the snow outside. So - dunno what my role will be here, but I will try and do some worthy posting. Name is Jay, Big Jay or LunchBox in some circles. Missed last years VT because I was just finishing up my scoot at that time.
Long time friend Bobby "The Leg" and I whipped up a fancy 'lil scoot last summer. I had a 1995 FLSTN (Heritage Softail) that I tried to sell off to build a shovel chop, but couldn't sell it for what I thought it was worth. I wasn't going to take a beating on it when I own the thing, just for the sake of a shovel, so I chopped what I had. I could write forever on all the details, but mabey I'll throw up some 'detailz' posts in the future - rather than blowing my load right here. How this...The Boot Scraper build in 2 1/2 minutes - starts from the day I bought it till now:


  1. Awesome video dude! This is the type of shit we need on here.