Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shit Yeah!!!!!!

I thought this was a cool story from one of the guys.This was the type of shit we wanted to take away from this weekend.

The scars on bobs ass will be permanent reminder of the greatest weekend ever,ha! I'm a fuckin retard I shoulda stayed on with you guys sounds like I missed some serious fuckin violation.I decided to keep on ridin saturday afternoon and just zigzaged around the southern half of the state got rained on alot but fuckit the roads were nice and I was havin a blast.
After a few hours I realized I could hear my primary chain slappin the shit out of the inside of the case,so I pulled over and adjusted the fucker all the way up which helped a little but she was still slappin pretty good so I decide I better point my bike in the direction of home.I stopped for gas in durand IL,and as I start walkin towards the station to pay I hear the crash as my ironhead topples the fuck over.Yeah,thats right,my kickstand chose that exact moment to take shit,ha ha ha.I run back hoist the cunt offa the ground and survey the damage.Not bad considering,peep mirrors fucked,clutch levers fucked,snapped right off but if I line it up like a puzzle piece and keep constant pressure on it I can still use it,Fuck it I think,I can deal with this.Thats when I realize my cocksuckin tailghts gone,after a few seconds of franticly lookin around it dawns on me that the license plates hangin on by one nut n bolt and that the tailight didn't break off the piece a shit vibrated itself off.So I duck tape the license plate on and seein as its gettin dark I start racin the sun home.I make it to broadhead and realize I'm fucked it's pretty much dark so I start lookin round town for somewhere to find any kinda generic taillight,"a truck stop would a been fuckin perfect"n some butt connecters.Guess what,this town doesn't have shit just a stop n go gas station and shit ass dollar general,neither which are any help to me.
So as much as I hated to do it I called a club brother to head out with a truck n ramps to come out n get my sorry ass.I then preceded to stake out a comfy little chunk of pavement on the side of the gas station n stare at the stars and reflect on the kick ass journey I had been on.You know what, I loved every minute of it even the hardships,but what I'll treasure the most is the laughter,the freedom,the brotherhood n the pure glory of it all."The violation too of course".Gotta say I owe it almost totally to you n josh fer organizing the whole thing which I'm sure took some serious legwork,time n cash.So thanks again man,for everything,I had a fuckin blast.I hope yer guys ride home was good n hope everyone made it home safe"barring bobs ass n ozzys bike".I look forward to ridin many many more miles with you guys,and remember anything you need from me its yours just let me know..I hope we'll both be good for minnesota but if not rockerbox fer sure n remember man,all roads lead to home, ride on you rotten fucker

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