Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh! I remember turnin the big 30, actually no I dont. But I do remember the first time I got the clap (gonnerrhea), I was a 19 year old army shitbag stationed in Korea. One of the other shitbags told me he went downtown and got some pussy for $15 bucks. I said "you're full of shit mother fucker". So I had to check it out for myself. I'll be goddamn, not only was it cheap but it's also true what they say about asian bitches, There pussys really are sideways. I looked for the youngest one available thinkin if she's young she wont be as used up as the rest of these nasty ass lookin tricks. Man was I wrong! That shit was like a fuckin bowl of water. Stunk like rotten garabage but I didnt care. Woke up the next morning and couldnt piss for nothing. Went down to the clinic and got a shot and I was all good. Couple weeks later I was shitfaced and I did it all over again. Yep, I had the clap twice. Good Times! 30 years old aint shit.

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  1. No fun over here in Korea no more. Hookers are off limits other than the two fat retard hookers on the streets of Anjeong-ri. The filippino chicks in the bars now only want one thing... a ring on their finger and a daddy for their two kids in Little brown fuck machineistan.

    Chicken brains are funny