Monday, June 29, 2009

The legend of Bob,Bob White.

Bob,Bob White left his mark on the Violation tour and the fire pit left it's mark on Bob.We had been dead even with a storm,racing to get back to camp when Bob's bike decided to lose power.A couple of carefully placed electrical tape pieces by a roadside doctor and that fuckin storm got us,right in front of a bed and breakfast.We spent the next hour or so under a porch as yuppies on baggers and their rain gear passed and waved.Bob,Bob White bike couldn't have shit 4 blocks down the road at a gas station that had a bar across the street ,could it? No.That storm made for an interesting story,you ever heard the one about Nikki Six and Tommy lee seeing who could go the longest with out showering and still banging out chicks night after night?Well,one of guys only shower was that storm and the road grime and 3 days of filth was enough of a smell to attract one hot river rat.

After two cases of beer at camp and a night on the town,Bob,Bob White decided to burn his tent to lighten his load for the trip home and passed out after pulling his white handled knife on the rest of the drunks making their way back to there tents.Bob,Bob White passed out and snored his way into violation tour history.THANKS A LOT BOB,BOB WHITE

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