Monday, June 29, 2009

363 days and counting..............

Well,what I took away from VT 09' was probably less itchy or drippy then one guy but,none the less, the mission was a success. This trip idea started in the winter when cabin fever along with hard times made us think of a way to leave our 20's in style.The weekend would consist of violating a small Mississippi river valley town on our bikes,making new friends and hurting our livers.

All the miles under our belts and all the booze in our guts,the trip had been rocky but, there was never a time that there wasn't a story unfolding that made the ride one i'll always remember.There was a girl with a T-rex arm that probably would had given the best backwards handjobs and bob,bob white branding his ass on the fire pit was just the tip of it all........just the tip, because there was much violation the attendees and newcomers will have to top next year.

Cant wait until 10'

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