Monday, June 29, 2009

Heres the crew.


Front row Left to right: Ozzie from Sterling IL, Bob from Kenosha WI, Josh C-Bass from Chicago IL, Alex from Fort Wayne IN, Mike from Chicago IL

Back row left to right: Darryl from Madison WI, Davey from Fort Wayne IN, Scott from Chicago IL, Chris Crime from Chicago IL, Corey from Chicago, Dave Poop from Fort Wayne IN

Dont ask me why half of us have our shirts off.

This is a good picture of Josh (C-Bass) on his sporty flyrite build, dubbed "HOOKER KILLER"

Drunk and passed the fuck out. Yep thats me.

Heres the two bikes that planned this Trip.
far back "Gilded Cunt"
front and center "Hooker Killer
"Gilded Cunt" came home hurt with a cracked frame with some extra filth.
"Hooker Killer" made it there and back with no problems.
Ozzies bike....well, thats another story.

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