Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Your weekly update

Heres Coreys Shovel that he never rides....because it never runs. He hopes to get everything fixed with it this winter and hopefully ready for the next season.
Scott and The Leg have turned this turd into something decent and the paint turned out fuckin awesome. The paint was done by the Legs friend Andy and you really have to see it in person to appreciate it. Scott hopes to have this bike ready for the Hunnert.

This is what my friends text me at 9 am. Good morning...heres some poop

I love Pita Inn!!!! Nothing like a sexy time meat explosion.

Thanks to John, He brought me back some Usingers sausages from Milwaukee. Best sausages in the world!

R.I.P Beard. I will grow you again soon. Maybe it was boredom or just plain the need to get laid. But, the dirty beard will have to regrow itself this winter.

Me and Josh went out for a small cruise last night. Its good to see that bastard back on 2 wheels. I still think he should keep that pan/shovel stock. Its such a good looking bike.

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