Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Not that i'm in any financial position to start to take apart or build my bike bit the ideas have started to consume my head.Since Bobby and I headed to Wisconsin to pick her up,
I have been visualizing what she could be.

If the idea of the,"free to be free'' David Mann photo,hit the road type mentality is what I want out of this bike,then i'm sure that i'd rather blast a few more miles than have to pull over to fill my sporty tank every 70-80 miles.

I've heard opinions on what this build could be and I have listened and taken to heart everything everyone has said.I have started to realize the beauty of my 48' with pretty chrome swing arm for what it is but, it's not my vision,it's someone elses.

Hartman say's it should be left alone,that it is fine the way it is and that's made me think about how nice my bike is.Alex thinks that the beauty and strenght of this bike only means that the build will make the bike that much better,like coal to a diamond but,this would be a diamond to a nicer diamond.

One thing is for certain,there ain't a build out there that is totally original and the last think i'd want is for this bike to wind up falling victim to the latest craze.Yeah,i'll need a sissy bar, probably a nice paint job but,if this bike looks ,''dated'' 70's,rat,flat black,board track,skinny,brat,frisco then I have failed to build the bike the way I wanted.

One bike has really stuck out in my mind this last year because of it's detail and how it's ridin....I'm sure people could figure it out but,already people will copy it....and next summer it'll be that less mind blowing to those who don't understand it.I shouldn't say less mind blowing because i'm sure it will evolve over the winter like good bikes do....

I heard a saying,''that a build shouldn't be forced''that the bike should build itself and if it doesn't flow together,then it's not going to be right......I trust that the parts that will make up this bike will find their way to the heart of the build that purtty pan/shovel and that it will run the way it was supposed to....because things already ''feel right''

What the fuck is that down there?I didn't put that add down there.....

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