Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finally got my shit back........

The Ex was holding my bikes hostage and Mike came to the rescue. This bike was the shit when I was 14. I saved all my hard earned money working at Jiffy Lube to buy this frame. I raced the shit outa it at the local ABA track. Actually won some trophies too! GT 3 peice cranks!!!

My dad and I built this lowrider so I could be a true gangster. When It was in primer I used to have 2 little speakers on the sissy bar that I connected to my portable tape player. I remember riding around in my airbrushed hoody blasting Warren G thinking I was the shit. hahahahah. Good times. My dad painted it with just regular spray paint with some triple thick clear. It actually turned out pretty good. Lots of bondo!!

Support your Indie parts shop! This guy makes some cool shit.

This was before heading out to the Hunnert. Had to snap a couple of my sexy lady.
If theres 2 things a man must own in his life besides guns it must be an old Ford pickup and a Hardtail.

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