Thursday, February 23, 2012

What to expect. First night of VT...Savanna IL

 Ahh. The good ole Whiskey River Saloon. This place gets fuckin weird right around midnight. Most times they have a DJ blasting shitty music. Josh said he saw some chick dancing on the bar and her old man came in and pretty much knocked her on her ass. This seems like the lesbo,freakshow, i'm gonna fight you bar....Shit, it is called Whiskey River. Across the street is Greens Tavern, we stock up pork rhines, and the bartender Rachel has always been cool to us over there. You want fun...go to these two bars...only after midnight. Too many stories to tell at these places.

 Heres the inside of the Iron Horse Social Saloon. The owner collects and has on display lots of old Harley's, hillclimbers & memorbilia. Hes always in the bar drinking, and if you start him talking he seems like a decent dude.

 Old Mighty Miss. How have you spawned so many half retarded mississippi rats?

 Heres the back of Poopys where we will be camping at on Friday. Free camping, free showers, tattoo shop inside as well.... just ride up the dirt/gravel hill and make your home for the night. Poopys has actually the best food in town and a good breakfeast. Poopys is about 5 minutes from downtown Savanna IL
 Typical weekend at the Poophole. Around 10pm this place turns into a ghost town though...we typically head into town for more action.

Front of Iron Horse...

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