Monday, February 27, 2012

Madison, WI

Decided to head up to Madison WI this past weekend to visit with my friends. Madison is such a great town and I really wish my last job wasnt so shitty cause it would have been nice to experience it a little longer. In the short time I was there I feel like I made some really good friends with some solid dudes. Heres a sneak peak of a bike they are building for a friend. Gotta say I'm pretty jealous of the whole shop set up. Its a chopper freaks bachelor pad dream. Who wouldnt want to sleep next to their bikes and have a shit ton of room with no one around to fuck with you?
These guys can crank out full builds, paint, hardtails, service, pretty much anything without the tough guy attitude. If your in the area and need something done check out their blog

The Stabbin Cabin
Thanks again to Corey for hooking me up with my new favorite tattoo and for letting me crash at your pad. See you homies soon!

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