Monday, October 3, 2011

On the might Of Panheads......

When we started Violation tour it was because we had all been turning 30 and wanted to go leave our 20's reckless and drunk.Well fuck, a couple years later being reckless and drunk hurts a little more and has a little more problems that comes along with it.When V.T first happen I thought it was the greatest thing,How could shit get any better?

They older i've become the the more weird i've become and while id like to think it's more of a Howard Roark sort of way,the reality is it's more of a Howard hughes sort of way ,as he aged.
The one thing that I can say is,things are only getting better the older I get.I've reached a point where I feel each day is a good day to live.

This past summer was the best I can think of.Life always throws one at you and it's too bad summer ended with the loss that it did. There is always more time that i'd like to be on my bike but,fom that first weekend of may until now,the stories made for a great few months. I always liked to ride alone when I was younger but,now I value the time that I can look over and see one of my best buds blasting next to me.

This past September,the leg,his lady and I came ripping out of the city at about 3am.We had just came from a Bravetown hosted BBQ and had left just as the rain let up.As the Chicago skyline became smaller and smaller our speed became greater and greater.When youre that close to those tall buildings you feel as if your at the feet of giants and as we got farther away,we got lost in our own minds,our machines and eachother,At any given time in Chicago traffic is a sonafabitch but,being that it was the holiday weekend 90/94 was wide open,all lanes free for two pans to run loose........ If the summer was going to end soon then that night was the way I wanted it to end. Those Pans ran so fucking great that night that everything seemed like it was meant to be.I would have killed to have seen the 3 of of us blasting side by side at 85mph at 3 in the morning,the feeling was amazing and the site must have been equally the same........That night meant a lot to my soul and made everything in my life and mind come together. When I finally check out this is one the memory I hope that I can take with me..........