Sunday, October 9, 2011

Collapse and Divide

Kicking over your machine to ride to another mans memorial that had lost his life on a bike, is a little surreal.It's all to celabrate a life but, a celebration that reminds you of the reason we do it and the the feeling that can never be replaced by anything on earth and seems that death is the only thing that can seperate you from the love you have for your bike.

80 degree weather in October for a week straight is nothing less then heaven sent. When life seem to be uncontrolable, an evening of good riding,friends and like minded people seems to brings everything back into focus The smell of decaying organic matter and bright colors in the tree line are still noticable at night and its a slap in the face when you realize that we will soon be left with only our stories of summer and anticipate new ones new ones being made.

This morning was perfect,no traffic on Lake shore drive and the lakes breeze made for a moment in time that I wish had a replay button so that I could ride there forever.We headed south the street names stopped being names and started becoming numbers.The traffic on 55 was backed up so,with a wink and a head nod we decided to split lanes.It's amazing how many sons of bitches decided to test there luck and play cop to try to keep you from passing.I'd think that tattooed beared dudes on choppers would be the last people you'd wanna try and run off the road. The weekend ended like every other ride,pulling the bikes back into the garage and then sleeping off the hangover from the night before. Every ride ends the same but,every ride is never the same as the one before and leaves you wanting more.

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