Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Ridin...

Me,Scabie Scott and Panhead John decided to do some Fall weather riding the other weekend. We all know theres a point in October where the weather is gonna turn and you have that last perfect weekend to enjoy it before Winter decides to bombard us with frigid temps and blizzard like conditions. The only time I like to wake up on a weekend at 7:30am is when I know Im gonna lay down some miles with some friends. In fact, this was the first time me and Scabie Scott have had the opportunity this season to do some riding together. His Chop has been sitting at a local shop for 6 plus months (long story), and his newly bought pan/shovel has been a bundle of joy giving him electrical problems. With a belly full of pancakes and sausage we had no destination or set plans. We headed north to Wisconsin on some back roads stopping at a couple local bars to sip down some adult cocktails,relax, and just enjoy the almost 80 degree day. From Janesville, we took some back roads back through Lake Geneva where we made friends with some 16 year old spaz on his brothers enduro. As the sun was setting I jumped on the highway I got home just in time before the temps started to drop. It was definetly what I needed to end the summer with. A good ride, nice weather, and good friends.

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