Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On The Cheap

My air cleaner's 'look' has been an issue. It works good, looks like crap. Catalogs are selling inserts and covers that range from $20 to $100. Blech. And I don't want an Old No. 7 cover anyways. So, I've been using CD's. The center of the cleaner itself is threaded and the outside diameter of it fits a CD perfectly. I have digital copies of everything, so I don't care if the CDs get ruined (and they do eventually crack). Lots of options, but running out of CDs. Here was my last one:

Gotta get some tunes on, new 5FDP works:

This is what it looks like with no cover:

Got the idea when I was rummaging through my parts bin and found a big shim I didn't need from my primo kit. Center hole was too large, but a fender washer solves that problem:

Rattle can:

All steel new digs. A bit shiny, but time and weather will dull it down and - no more cracking:

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