Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holographic Universe......

It is beyond my simple mind how things work in the universe but,what I am sure of is that I sketched for Bobby what I wanted on my tank and i'll be damned if this thing doesn't show up and make me question all things.
How is it years to the day that you get in a horrible motorcycle accident you get taken out by a Doberman pincher on your Flh? Does this mean i'm a Mopar guy and not a Ford guy? i'm gonna need a new tank.......


  1. Dude, just run the fuckin tank. Geez.

  2. I put alot of time and energy into painting that thing and now your going to insult me by changing it?

  3. Ya! Don't insult your bike builder! Now go and get the Mopar chop back on the road jerk!