Sunday, May 4, 2014

Violaton Tour 2014....All the info you need

The time has come. We are in our 6th consecutive year of doing this run. Thanks again to all of our sponsors for donating your raffle prizes and showing support. We truly appreciate it.

First off. The riding style will be a little different this year. We know it will be nearly impossible to keep everyone together safely. We are highly suggesting that you take your time, leave on when you want, and ride with people you feel most comfortable with. We are anticipating a large crowd for this years ride and last years 80-90mph cannonball run style riding will take a back seat to a more relaxed atmosphere. We will still be stopping every 60 miles or so for all you boys with small tanks. Please be self sufficient.

Friday: June 6th Savanna IL
Camp: Poopys Bar and Grill
Location: 1030 Viaduct Rd · Savanna 
As far as I know. Poopys still allows free camping up on the hill behind the bar. Camping is not endorsed by Poopys and is first come, first serve.

Hanging out: In town at Iron Horse Social Saloon and various other Savanna bars

We will be selling raffle tickets for $1 per ticket for a chance to win some really cool prizes from our sponsors Biltwell, Lowside mag, Haifley Bros, Noise Cycles, Chopcult, Death Bound Leather, Triple Six Crew Death Co, Bison motorsports, Jumpstreet Customs, Speed Merchant, Black Horizons, Showclass mag, and Burly brand!!!!

We will also be doing our Knife trophies this year. Best Custom, Best Chopper, and Farthest Distance rider!!!!!

Saturday: June 7th Savanna IL in route to Mauston WI  250-270 mile ride on some of the Midwest best scenic roads!!!
Leaving early A.M. or whenever you feel less hungover

Here are the directions. Email at with any questions. Thanks!!!

·       Savanna IL to Dubuque IA (Approx 50 miles)

·       North on 84 through Savanna

·       Left at first bridge into Iowa

·       North onto 52 (right)

·       Once in town- Get gas

·       Get back onto North 52/3 also called Central


·       Dubuque IA to Praire Du Chien (approx. 50-60 miles)

·       North on 52/route 3

·       Right on 18 into Praire Du Chien- Stop for Gas


·       Praire Du Chein to Ferryville WI (suggested lunch stop. 40 miles)

·       Left onto 18 east through town

·       Left onto N Marquette/ Route 35

·       35 North to Ferryville WI

·       Stop at Wooden Nickel bar for lunch


·       FerryVille WI to Desoto WI (10 miles---Gas up)

·       Continue North on 35 Gas stop at Pronto Gas Station


·       Desoto WI-Cashton WI (40-50 miles gas stop)

·       Get on 82 East

·       Slight left onto 27/82

·       Left 14/61

·       Right on 27

·       Right on 33

·       Gas stop in Cashton


·       Cashton WI-Hillsboro WI (40 miles)

·       East on 33

·       Gas stop at Kwik Trip


·       Hillsboro WI to Camp (before the town of Mauston)

·       East on 33

·       Left on 80/82/33 through Union Center WI

·       Through Elroy WI stay on Main St. / Academy

·       Right on 82

·       Right onto Overgaard Rd (small rd) if you went into town. You went too far

·       Up rd ½ mile on left side. Look for bikes

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  1. Gonna make it a point to be there Friday night. Once again other duties call on Saturday, but let's get buck wild together.