Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pinned 2014

With Violation Tour as one of the sponsors for this year’s Pinned, a bunch of us rode from Chicago and spent some quality time with the Columbus Ohio crew.   We arrived at RicePaddy around 5PM and were instantly welcomed with beers.  There were a ton of bikes, predominantly choppers.   But what made the event even better was the people.  There was an overall good vibe the moment we rolled in and it would have been impossible not to have a great time.  In fact, my goal was to take a lot of pictures, but we had too much fun just hanging out and meeting everyone.  Fortunately, I was able to capture a few good ones. 

Kudos to Kareem for organizing a great event that I hope we'll be attending again next year.

-Ken C.


No surprise, Bob Millerleile's Ironhead won "Best Chopper".  Very well deserved especially since he fabricated everything on the bike himself.  A very talented builder and a SUPER down to earth & straight up dude.

Congrats Bob!!!

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