Monday, June 17, 2013

The Weekend

 I felt like the fat dude in American Pickers this weekend. We got the chance to go through this old 2500 sq ft house down South and pretty much have anything we wanted that we could fit into our car. Pretty cool. Lots o shit. Got an O.G. Jesse James wanted ad, old ammo box, old helmet, old license plates, and random shit my ole lady wanted.

 Using the El Camino for what its intended purpose is. Hauling sweet sweet pile o shit.
 The Saloon area.

 Sat Night:Headed over to Scabie Scotts on Sat to watch him dream up this bike and drink his beer. Thanks Marone. He's hoping to have it road worthy by next weekend. We should have made a bet on that one :)
 Sunday: Fathers Day Hillclimb; Oregon IL. Running out of gas. Got 76 miles out of my tank and that was it. Make metal note.
Perfect end to a good weekend. Gotta get em in while I can.

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