Monday, June 3, 2013

The Route

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 Here is the Saturday route  from Savanna IL to Mauston WI.  Total miles approx 230. If your hauling ass and not too hung over this should take you 5 1/2 hours. Last year it took us 8 hours.

Savanna IL – Dubuque IA (approx. 50 miles)

North on 84 through Savanna

Left at Bridge into Iowa

North onto 52 (Right)

Once in town- Get Gas

Right on Locust

Right on 5th

Left on White St

North on 52/3 also called Central

Dubuque IA-Prairie Du Chien (approx. 50-60 miles)

North on 52 / route 3

Right on Sherrill Rd (head north)

Right (north) 52 through Guttenburg

Right (north) Great River Rd

Right on River st into McGregory

Right on 18 into Prairie Du Chien Gas stop

Prairie Du Chein- Ferryville (suggested lunch stop. 40 miles)

Left onto 18 east through town

Left onto N Marquette/ route 35

35 north to Ferryville WI stop for lunch

Wooden Nickel Bar

Ferryville WI-Desoto WI (10 miles. Gas stop)

Continue North on 35. Gas stop at Pronto Gas Station

Desoto WI-Cashton WI (40 miles. Gas stop)

Get on 82 East

Slight left onto 27/82

Left 14/61

Right on 27

Right on 33

Gas stop in Cashton

Cashton WI- Hillsboro WI (through Wildcat State Park Area. 40 miles)

Continue East on 33

Gas stop at Kwik Trip

At this point you will be 15 minutes north of Yuba. Make a stop at Knuckle Shuffle???? Up to you.

HillsboroWI – Camp Site (before Mauston WI less than 20 miles)

Continue East on 33

Left on 82/33

Left on 80/82 through Union Center WI

Through Elroy WI Stay on Main Street/Academy

Right onto 82

Right onto Overgaard Rd (small rd) If you went into Mauston you went to far

Up Rd ½ mile

Camping on the left (look for a possible sign and some bikes)

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