Friday, August 10, 2012


Last sunday I took Nikki and my son to the the Illinois Railroad Museum (IRM) in Union, IL.  All I gotta say is what a blast to the past. This place was incredible! I've never been to a museum where so much of the museum's pieces were still in use. You actually were able to climb aboard and were given a ride. It was just unbelievable. I'm sure my son and the old lady had a great time too. Plus there was a sweet old Panhead there as well. The craziest thing about the museum is that the whole place is run by volunteers! The restorations, the day to day operations. Just seeing the lay out of the land and how everything works is crazy. Definitely gotta check them out at


  1. Oh man, that is super cool no doubt. Your wife and son really give you the scale of these huge old engines.

  2. Those engines are massive. The picture does it no justice. The locomotive behind my son had a sign that said the locomotive weighed 975,000 pounds. Unreal