Saturday, August 25, 2012

Different is good

I dont just consider myself a "chopper guy". Any asshole with half a brain can bolt together some form of two wheeled freedom machine. Shit like this bike above gives me some hope that there are still some guys out there willing to push the envelope and get creative. Buell inspired super moto or whatever you wanna call it. Lots of handmade parts, by TPJ customs. Might not be your thang, but I wanna ride the piss out this. Big props.


  1. Yeah, this thing is ridiculous!!! I wanna beat it like a rented mule! It's nice to know there's other dudes out there like me.....I seem to like (and want) every bike I see, I can't get fixated on any one thing period correct, sport bike, long chop, motard, stocker, tracker, cafe, bagger....I love em all! All the haters can blow me.

  2. Yep, I am the same way. I want one of each! Dudes that cant look beyond the "biker period correct horizon" will never truely "get it"