Monday, April 2, 2012

Scotty Marone turns the dirty 30

Since I wasnt able to make it out Sat night for Scotts B-day party I decided to ride up north on Sunday and do what most old fuckers do. Fish. I Installed my new S&S aircleaner and took off late morning. Thought it was suppose to be in the the late 60's. It never warmed up, and by the time I road home it was 43 degrees but it was good to get out and clear my head. Anyways, Happy Birthday buddy. .You only go around once my friend.


  1. Now your a/c cover is like a muscle car or some of the s&m chicks I've banged..... They both have Hood Pins. (Insert rim shot). Seriously tho, looks good! See you sooner than later bro.

  2. hahaha. Ya, the other aircleaner I was running was bad news man. It started on fire way too many times. Once this weather starts to get a little better I wanna ride up towards you guys and hang out for a night and get into trouble. See ya soon!

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