Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dry Run

This is the Sat night camping spot in Mauston.

Me and Scott went out to Poopys in Savanna IL Friday night, stayed the night, and did a dry run for the Violation Tour on Sat.  I may make some changes but for right now the ride from Poopys on Saturday to Mauston is gonna be awesome. Some straight smooth roads but then its gonna get into alot of curves in the middle of the ride for about an hour or so. There may be one area where it may be around 75 miles between gas stops, so, for guys that have small tanks (like me) it may be wise to bring extra gas, because we will be in the middle of boonies.I have most gas stops planned every 50 miles or 60 miles. Overall expect at least a 6 hour ride if your planning the ride from Poopys to Mauston. I'm planning on blasting out early morning on Saturday, just so I can get to camp, set up, and head 17 miles down the road to the state park where I highly suggest doing some swimming and relaxing. Rain or shine! Its on!


  1. I'm stoked. I miss Pete's land...and I love savannah, Georgia. I don't see why I wouldn't love savannah, Illinois too.

  2. Hell ya, I cant wait for this all to go down! Glad to hear your gonna make it to Savanna, you'll like it!

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