Sunday, December 25, 2011

To My Mom....

Watching Christmas Story at this time of the year just brings up so many emotions. I dont post really any personal shit on here. But, Christmas just makes me think about everything and life in general. Friends, Family, Life etc... I lost my Mom a couple years ago to Cancer. She was 55. Times like now, I wish she was still around. We used to watch Christmas Story every year. It was fuckin awesome. She was one of my best friends, always there, giving advice, drinking beer, competing in the number of tattoos that we had, riding on the back of my Dads softail,, next to me on my 67 Triumph and coming home later than me on some nights. Even though she drove me crazy, she was my Mom and no one will every compare. We are so much alike, good and bad.

I dream about her alot. She lives in the same grandparents house, literally miles away from where she is buried. Down south, in some hilljack town, I see her from time to time. I wake up and sometimes I just cant remember...wanting to fall back asleep & just spend more time with her. Its all very lucid, sometimes surreal. But I know that is where she is.... at least in my mind.

At my weakest moments, I pray to her for strength.

.......I had this dog that I rescued (Roxy). She was half Lab and Shepard bitch. I saved her from a shelter and brought her home when I was living with my P's still. I had her for about 9 years. She always had a weird connection with my Mom. Before my Mom would have seizures, this dog would freak the fuck out. Whining, pacing, just very odd. she always gave my Mom a "heads up".  Animals are weird like that, and I am glad to of had Roxy within our Family to give my Mom some sort of comfort.

Roxy is currently in Biker Heaven with my Momma. I am planning on riding down to southern IL to finally re-unite the two in spring. It only seems fitting.

So, as I think about all this personal shit at this specific time of the year, please appreciate and love the small things in life, your family, your true friends, your pets, and really get out there and live life. It doesnt last forever!!!!! Be kind, treat others with respect, live long and prosper..and dont shoot your eye out.

Have a Safe, Happy and Merry Christmas. From me, to yours!

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