Monday, December 12, 2011

1%er VW Trike

So, I sold a truck to a local club guy last week. He was an old timer,greybeard, one legged bad-ass motherfucker. The real mccoy. Its too bad these old timers are all fading away. Just think, they lived it, and have stories to be told, from their mouth, to your ears.......before blogs, period correctness, online forums, digital cameras, & internet sensations. Simpler times to say the least.

 A motorcycle accident in the mid 70's put him on a trike. He was telling me all sorts of crazy stories about tattooed woman, rides to sturgis, and this crazy VW trike he just sold.
He emailed me the other day with this picture of his dogs asshole and a crazy looking trike. Well, enjoy!

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