Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Since 86' The Skate Shack, out in Lisle, has been my indie skate shop of choice. Family owned and operated. Always hired skaters, always had the best demos. And there always was the sweetest golden retriever walking around the shop. Since I've gotten older, whenever I had the chance to shop for one of the young-guns in the fam - I'd always head there for some nostalgia. And any chance I can sway one of these video game addicts into a sport - especially skating - I'm there.
Well - it's almost X-mas and I have a nephew that is just about that age, so I carted off to Skate Shack last night. They're fucking closed! I know it's kinda weird, but my stomach dropped. I bought my very first brandy new deck there. It's like a little part of my rebellious teenage years is gone. No more stopping by for some nostalgia and just browsing at all the latest skate shit.

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  1. Every deck I ever had came from there...except my Jovontae turner board when skated for girl