Friday, August 20, 2010

An Obama nation.......

A guy I know from Chicago's music scene as well as a fine bartender, was coming out of The Chicago establishment,Liars club the other night,when 4 hoods jumped him,robbed him and stomped his leg,causing it to break........This kids fucked,unable to work,no medical insurance and out a perfectly good leg.......gran torinos are nice cars.....a speedy recovery so that I may get sauced again


  1. dude its been that way for years, the only way to elimnate that problem is to declare open season on all ghetto/street trash

  2. Dude, its called Karma. For someone who doesnt like assholes who fuck other ones ladies you sure are smittin on this douche. I say he had it coming, just in another form, from someone else.