Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Forever Two Wheels

What else is there to do at 2am when your at a trailor park, drinking beer, and theres a 70's Huffy BMX. Wheelie Contest!!!!! I came in dead last. Andy took 1st place along with his winnings which included a night with the lovely ladies and a case of Bud Select. Good Job brother!!! Bobby took 2nd and Mike From the Block took 3rd. We talked about BMX and how we where obsessed with it when we where youngsters. Kinda funny how things progress into things with motors. We had a blast and hope to return for another fun filled drunken evening. Thanks again Andy for being a great host and letting us bring the filth to Woodhaven! Forever Two Wheels!!!!!


  1. I wouldn't go against Andy in anything that involved a BMX guys got hustled.

    H - U - S - T - L - E - R