Friday, January 8, 2010

I started (we started)'s a start

So,the frame I picked up just happens to be a 1948 HD wishbone,which just so happens to be the same year as part of my bastard child Pan/shovel.Found some time to get over to the legs.I (we) cut shit I (we) felt was of no use and blew out some bondo around the neck.Made some tabs for support around the neck..worked on the fender a bit...all minor shit but,I feel like I accomplished more today then I usually do on my day off..I really didn't do anything that took alot of skill but,after working on some of the bike I have a whole new respect for guys that fabricate almost everything on their bikes.....special thanks to the leg his support,knowledge, space and tools....and mailbox for cutting and not cleaning up his mess.

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